mission and outlooks

our mission
Gohar Economic Development group is investing its resources in providing services and strategies regarding agriculture, aquaculture and other related industries as a mean to increase the engagement of the privet sector. We are a supplier of any protein needs and our group wishes nothing but to create value for its customers by presenting them with the best quality of products and services.

Adopting a complete production chain livestock, poultry and aquatics industry with a focus on providing services and manufacturing quality products utilizing the latest standards over the globe in an effort to create value for our beneficiaries and customers

outlook’s fundamentals


Completing and developing the process of creating value from farms to consumers


Gohar Holding strives to perform more than the sum of the functions and activities of any business
Create subsidiaries companies

Value creation

It is an approach that we consider towards all stakeholders, especially our customers, and we put the customer at the center of all our activities.
and our operations, and the organization will be managed in such a way that products and services, provided that they meet the needs and requirements, and provide customers as well

Internal process

communication with beneficiaries

  • maintaining and increasing our engagement with corporations , competitors and customers
  • Having more transparency and communication with our shareholders
  • Developing our relationship with international suppliers

directing the market process

  • design and executing reliable and impactful advertising campaigns
  • improving selling capabilities
  • expanding our influence and leverage on the market

process of creativity ,production and commercializing

  • increasing the importance of research and development


  • educating and expanding our staff working skills
  • establishing Successor planning programs


  • expanding our research and creativity capabilities
  • increasing our engagement with Scientific centers

emphasizing social, legal and environmental responsibility

  • expanding social responsibility at state level
  • considering environmental limitaions
  • accuracy in financial statement and applying for stock market as gohardane

cultural development at corporate and social levels

  • backing the use of healthy protein in targeted markets
  • encouraging staffs loyalty and belief to the corporation

managing and controlling risks

  • monitoring the activities of Subsidiary companies
  • evaluating operation reports
  • Attention to organizational justice