Group’s strategic plans

Gohar Economic Development group mission:
Gohar Economic Development group has been a pioneer in developing agriculture and aquaculture industries and processing industries of farming by utilizing of technological advancements made by our subsidiary companies in different economic areas.

Gohar economic development group introduces its operations in 10 primary areas

1- customers

Creating value for our customers is a most important part of Gohar Economic Development group’s mission. Our Customer relationship management (CRM)was established as mean to creating a safe environment for preserving and utilizing organizational information, in addition, this corporation’s customers include all legal and natural entities.Our targeted customers demographic include:

  • stock breeders
  • chicken farmers producing laying and broiler chickens , other breeders of ostrich and turkey
  • farmers
  • selling agencies and representatives of different inputs and products (Soybean meal, cotton, grains, linseed, corn, edible wheat, different kinds of vitamins, supplements, chemical fertilizers)
  • unions such as laying hens and broiler hens union, dairy and stock union
  • clients of engineering services related to livestock and poultry industry
  • commercializing and trading clients regarding livestock and poultry industry
  • possible investors in livestock and poultry industry
  • manufacturing units of confectionery products (cake and cookie factories)
  • culinary units such as bakeries ,restaurants and hotels
  • transporting goods including foods and supplements, chemical fertilizers and cement

2- products and services

The majority of Gohar economic and development group’s operations include investing resources in the manufacturing products, providing strategic services such as supplying food chain of livestock and poultry industries. As a parent company we are responsible for investing and directing our subsidiary companies which their products and services include:

  • investing , importing and exporting goods
  • importing domesticated animals and animal products
  • supplying livestock, poultry and aquatics inputs
  • supplying medicine and other equipments regarding livestock
  • founding production units after obtaining the required licenses
  • preparing feasibility Study Reports
  • distributing and supplying all legal products within the country and entrusting representative
  • collaborating with startups , new technologies and knowledge base enterprises
  • granting sale agency

3- markets (geographical demographic)

Gohar’s activities are categorized into two main geographical demographics, domestic and international markets:

domestic markets:

  • Khorasan Razavi , Khorasan Jonobi , Khorasan Shomali
  • other stats consists of Tehran, Golestan , Sistan, Blouchestan

foreign markets:

  • neighboring countries consists of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan
  • other countries with economic relationships

4- technology

Gohar economic development group strives in adopting of the latest and up-to-date technologies in its formulation, manufacturing and product testing. we aim to modernize our business in every aspect such as production and sell. To this day, technologies used in Gohar’s subsidiary companies are provided by countries such as Netherland, Denmark, Turkiye…

5- emphasize on survival and profitability

Gohar economic groups aims to increase the usage of new technologies and findings in different industries such as agriculture, aquaculture and other related units at our country while engaging in a safe competitive environment with our competitors. We seek to develop our human resources and organizational knowledge by participating in international exhibitions, seminars and conferences, launching educational courses, engaging with university programs and other credible associations. We are honored to be committed to our financial obligations by making profit for our shareholders. 

6- Existential philosophy

Gohar economic development group’s philosophy is established on the bases of creating value for its beneficiaries which customers are its main goal. We offer services and products qualified for our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction not as an empty motto but as meaning full belief. We strive to guarantee quality in different aspect of our business while maintaining a respectful and professional relationship with our beneficiaries.

7- qualifications and competitive advantages

  • equipped with most modern production lines in the world
  • More complete and linked supply chain compered to our competitors
  • highly specialized and experienced board of directors in their own industries
  • provided with professional business counselors
  • provided with highly skilled and efficient employees
  • known for our trustworthiness and prestige by our customers
  • initiating strategic planning at the company
  • emphases on ethics and creating value for our main beneficiaries
  • producing a vast verity of products
  • financial stability
  • strong network of relationships

8-respecting others perspective

Gohar economic development group had always been set to complete its social responsibilities for its people and engages in charitable acts or providing aid in unforeseen events. We recognize preserving natural environments as our responsibility and spare no effort in salvaging lost resources, in addition to, providing jobs and cooperating with government agencies such as (customs, ministry of agriculture, veterinaries, Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, Ministry of Mining and Trade industry,.) providing social organizations with reports and other essential information.

9- attending employees

Creating value for our staff and employees is one of other essential tasks in this corporation. Our corporation’s conceived values include items such as respect and credibility, proper wage and job states, preserving justice and diversity, creating a motivating environment, job and life balance…. As well as, gathering and educating our country’s specialists, improving and increasing their knowledge ,preserving loyal staff of the corporation, creating a proper working environment, awarding honest work and giving opportunities to grow and improve is some of the other essential values at our corporation our most invaluable resources are our staff and specialists.

10- other beneficiaries

Gohar economic development group seeks to create value for its beneficiaries by implementing creative ideas in different aspects of its corporation such as technical, financial and economical units associated with livestock, poultry and aquatics industry.

Our beneficiaries’ expectations consist of creating value, consistent profitability, maintaining and improving corporation’s creditably, transparency in financial statements, having synergy and cooperation in our subsidiary companies. Gohar Economic Development group’s beneficiaries aim to enforce company policies, planning to fulfil our goals and executing maximum profitability.

Other beneficiaries and requirements are:

  • Subsidiary companies :

    Clarifying policies and communicating fundamental projects to subsidiary companies, backing them in necessity case, developing and establishing our business.
    – Transparency in financial statements and having clear communication
  • Business Partners: these beneficiaries’ expectations consist of emphasizing mutual benefiting in partnerships in addition to being respectful and improving our credibility and business integrity.

Gohar Economics Development established guidelines

  • Minimizing job strains and being mindful of shareholders health
  • establishing guidelines for organizing monthly meetings between all shareholders
  • Establishing the organizational structure of Gohar on the bases of responsibility with the addition of detailed charts
  • Establishing employees duties in an written forum at the parent company and other subsidiary companies
  • Implementing an activiy evaluation system based on 360-degree feedback
  • Recruiting and employing qualified marketing assistants, human recourses and CEOs
  • Organizing educating environment for all aspects of corporation
  • Establishing guidelines to computerize main operations and activities
  • Establishing strategic plans for Gohar Protein, Gohar Dane , Gohar Mokamel and other active companies
  • Implementing policies as mean to loyalize key beneficiaries
  • Implementing guidelines for Successor planing and assigning duties in every aspect of the corporation
  • Researching markets in an effort to supply the chain of production