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Mashhad city full coverage

Economic Development group of Gohar has been always concern for the ease and comfort of Mashhad customers and citizens, as result, by implementing better and more effective approaches, we are able to cover 13 regions of Mashhad city.

Fast transporting and the cost of delivering products

Economic Development group of Gohar is providing additional services for the comfort of its customers and citizens. all normal packages will be delivered in one business day, additionally, the option for delivering packages in 3 hour or less is also available.
Cost of delivering goods:
Mashhad prices
deals more than 200000 toman: free
deals less than 200000 toman: 25000 toman

Costumer service

Economic Development group of Gohar customer support exists for the ease and comfort of our users and customers in our website and store. Our customer service is available from 8am to 7pm answering your questions and resolving possible issues

Product warranty and product originality

Economic Development group of Gohar has been a pioneer in developing the livestock and poultry and aquatics food industry by utilizing technologies and the backing of our subsidiary companies with years of experience in different economic fields, we spare no efforts in manufacturing and providing our loyal customers with original quality products as a mean to straighten their trust in us.

Secure payment

Because of time and location limitations, most users tend to do most of their financial transactions online which can cause completions such as online scammers.Economic Development group of Gohar website allows its respecting users to experience safe online shopping at the shopping section, utilizing secure payments of Zarin Pal bank.

Payment on the spot (Mashhad)

Customers who reside in Mashhad city are able to pay for their orders on the spot in cash or with POS card readers besides the online payment options.

This task is achieved by equipping all transporting units with POSE card readers thus allowing customers to do their payments on the spot.

Warranty on returned products

If you have decided to cancel you order after payment or there are needed changes to your order before delivering, please refer your request to our customer service using the number 051-37075

Provided that Possible issues accrue when delivering product such as: being damaged or having problems with expiration date, a return request can be issued by contacting our customer services. after your return request is verified by our experts based on the established guidelines.

Mashhad city full coverage

Most of the 13 districts of Mashhad

Fast and free delivery

 For purchases over 200 thousand toman

Costumer service

 providing services from 8 to 19

Product warranty and product originality

Guaranteed quality

Secure payment

 from secure gateways

Payment on the spot

 Mashhad only

Product refund warranty

In case of problem