about us

Gohar Economic Development Group was founded in 2010 with the recommendation of dr.ahamd salahshor as regard to human needs to food and supplying livestock, poultry and aquatics products. This group operates by establishing subsidiary companies specialized in importing agriculture inputs and producing fodder and forage for livestock, poultry and aquatics, producing vitamin and concentrate , supplements for livestock, poultry and aquatics , producing fertilized eggs and day-old chicks , producing edible eggs ,producing broiler chicken ,producing edible mushrooms and mushroom protein , transporting internationally and shipping relevant machinery as well as creating Entrepreneurship centers and charities . this holding most important duty is utilizing the knowledge and technologies in the production and development of farming industry. Realizing native and foreign experts as a mean to improve and increase Efficiency is a serious concern of this establishment’s directorship. This corporation goal is emphasizing on the capabilities of local manufactures and developers of machinery and software in addition to utilizing the latest technological advances over the globe.

We hope to realize our goals by the honest work of our professional experts and management in an effort to improve our work space and benefiting the manufacturing society.

Majid Mohammadnejad CEO

Ahmad Selahshur Chairman of the Board

Mohammad Reza Salehan Member of the Board

Seyyed Mustafa Faiz Saket Vice Chairman of the Board